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Ridge Road Auto Parts | Your number 1 source for OEM recycled parts
We're here to help Let the Automotive Experts at Ridge Road Auto Parts help you fix your car problems today!

At Ridge Road Auto Parts, we aim to provide you with solutions to your automotive needs and repairs. Whether you need a new part for your vehicle or have a question about an ongoing problem, our experts are always available to help at your need. To get started, select a following option or give us a call at (800) 605-0508.

*Expert Engine Installation*
Accepting dealer work also! Top quality work done on premises!!

No matter where you are Ridge Road has a solution for you

Used OEM recycled parts at Ridge Road Auto Parts | Cleveland, Ohio Whether you are five minutes or three states away, Ridge Road is always ready to help. We provide expert assistance nationwide to exceed your expectations no matter where you are at. To find the part that you have been looking for, or to get the answer you need, contact Ridge Road Auto Parts. Get started by click here or calling (800) 605-0508.

Looking to sell your car? We buy all years, makes, and models

Ridge Road Auto Parts wants to buy your car! We buy all years, makes, and models! Need cash for your vehicle? Or does your vehicle not run anymore and you need to get rid of it? Regardless of your situation, Ridge Road Auto is always looking to purchase used automobiles! To find out what your vehicle is worth, click here!

Contact Ridge Road Auto Parts for your automotive needs. We want to help you find a solution!

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Cleveland, Ohio 44144

phone   (216) 281-1400
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fax   (216) 281-7956
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